Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Daily Writer #1, Take Two

So upon further consideration, I decided it would be better to start at the beginning of this fantastic book, rather than in the middle. Like I mentioned before, the book starts at January first, with the idea of doing one exercise per day for a year. However, we'll just pretend that January first is August first, and I'll play some catch-up. :)

Without further adieu, here's #1, take two!

The Daily Writer #1:

Compose an allegory, keeping in mind that each of your characters represents an abstract trait. Give your main character a goal she struggles against powerful obstacles to attain.


"Hey." A voice hissed gratingly in Edda's ear, rousing her uncomfortably from a deep sleep.

"Hey." Something nudged her on the ankle. "Get up!"

"I'm still sleeping," Edda grumbled, pulling heavy covers over her head.

"It's almost noon!"

A pillow buffeted her over the head once, then again.

"Let her rest," another voice said quietly. The pillow-attack stopped and Edda heard a mumbled conversation from the hallway. She cautiously lifted the cloying comforter off of her head, peering into the half-lit room.

Fahima and Miku stood in the doorway, arguing in whispers. They paused when they saw her looking at them. Fahima, tall and lithe, almost vibrating with excitement, motioned her to get out of bed. Miku frowned in a motherly sort of way, folding her plump arms across her chest. Edda paused, looking between them both.

"I guess I'd better get up," she said finally, sighing deeply and reaching for her phone.

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