Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Grapes of Wrath

Just a quick update for now! I'm still plowing through The Grapes of Wrath (get it? "Plowing through?" I crack myself up), but it's slower going than many of the other books I've read. It's a longer novel, of course, but the language is also very intricate. It's not always easy to follow, especially when Steinbeck goes off on a little tangent. Luckily, the tangents are nice to read.

Overall, I find the plot intriguing so far, but not much has really happened. I'm enjoying the story and the characters and Steinbeck's writing is quite beautiful at times, especially his descriptions of the desolate landscape. Who knew the Dust Bowl could be beautiful? However, sometimes I think he gets a little bogged down in all those purdy words. It slows the plot and makes me less connected to the story.

In other news, I've decided that I need to put in a few hours a day in my writing. What do you think is appropriate? I want to get up to six hours, but I think I should start small for now. Maybe an hour and a half for now, then move on to three hours, then move on to six hours. Now that I've graduated, I really want to complete one of my novels and start looking for a publisher. It's exciting, but a bit terrifying. I think if I can just make myself focus and finish something (for once), it will turn out well. Here's hoping...

There's a hard freeze moving in tonight. I can hear the leaves crackling already. A good day to stay inside and read and/or write, don't you think?